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Webstie from a very special person, Michel Magosse.

An Unfortunate Region.

Grandad's War, Story of John Conway in the Cheshire Regiment.

The Great war in Flanders fields.

Old Front Line Battlefields of WW1 By Paul Reed.

Karkee Web, All you want to know about British and Empire equipment.

German (naval) Air Service and Marinekorps Flandern in World War One.

Orages d’acier Militaria.

British & Commonwealth Military Badge Forum.

Regimentals Militaria.

Great War Forum.

Treasure hunt Militaria.


The battle of Cambrai, The battlefield today.

The Long, Long Trail, everything you want to know about the British army in WW1.

Passion & Compassion 1914-1918, Feelings of the Great War nowadays.

Musée 1914-1918 Alexandre Villedieu, website from the Loos Museum at Loos-en-Gohelle.

Re-enacment group We'll Remember, Pops.

Website from Mike St Maur Sheil with excellent photographs.

PoelKapelle-Area in ’14-’18.

Australian War Memorial., Everything about pickelhaubes.

The Kaiser's bunker, A very good reference site for German or British/Canadian militaria.

The lost generation, A very good site about military cemeteries and memorials from the First world war.

Battlefield specialist Peter Doyle.

The Tunnellers’ Memorial, Givenchy.

WW1 Virtual museum Imperial helmets.

Stichting Studiecentrum Eerste Wereldoorlog.

Photos of the Great War.

Vestiges Militaria, Frence site with some very nice collections.

Collectors, seller with a lot of know how about feldpost.

Frontflieger, German aviation in WW1.

Heeresgeschichten, A very nice site about K.u.K Austrian and Hungarian army in WW1.

St-Julien 1914-1918, about the first world war in this Flemish village.

Feldgrau forum, German militaria forum.

Den Grooten oorlog, A very interesting site with some very good photographs by Arjan Labee.

Bunkers and fortresses of the First World War in the Alps by Uli Mößlang.

Kaiserliches marinekorps, Very nice site about the German navy in Flanders by Eddy Lambrecht.

Pour eux ceux de 14 - 18, A very good site in frence about British cemetery's with then and now picture's.

Nice Dutch site with a lot of very good photographs of various monuments of WO1 and WO2.

De Pondfarm, Site by Stijn Butaye about the Pontfarm bunker wich stands near his house.

Australians on the Western Front 1914-1918, An Australian journey across the First World War battlefields of France and Belgium.

Western Front Assocation England.

Forum Militaria du Commonwealth...,Forum for British and Commonwelth militaria first and second world war.

Western Front Assocation Belgium.

Excelent photo website with some photographs from the west front, Site by Dave Sellens.

Battle of Bellewaarde 16th of june of 1915.

Canadian Great War Project, A good site about Canada's participation in World War 1.

Passchendaele Remembered by Paul Reed.

Firstwar technik, Good site about the technologie in the first world war.

The Photographic Collection of Capt. Charles Johnson, Cheshire Regiment.

Western Front Assocation The Netherlands.

World War One Battlefields.

Zwerven over de Slagvelden, Dutch site about travels and photos along the western front.

Deutsches Erinnerungskomitee Argonnerwald 1914-1918 e.V., German site about the the greatwar in the Argonne forest.

SK Photos, Stunning photographs by Stephen Kerr.

"Tasmania's Own" The Fortieth Battalion, Interesting website about 40th Battalion of the first A.I.F.

ANZAC Battlefields of World War One, The battlefields of the first world war on which the ANZAC's fought.

The Battle Of Hazebrouck - 12th to 15th April 1918.

Australian Light Horse Association Ltd, All about the Australian Light Horse regiments.

Gallipoli, An exelent site about the battle on the Gallipoli peninsula in 1915.

Colonel J's, A site with lots of information about Imperial German helmets and other militaria.

German Colonial Uniforms, Website about uniforms of the Imperial German Colonial and Overseas Forces from 1884-1918.

Romange '14-'18, The museum of Jean-Paul de Vries in Romagne-sous-Montfaucon.

Pierre's Western Front Page, Website with lots of photo's and maps from the western front.

Tom & Wo1, Dutch site from Tom van Hooff about his interest in the first world war.

The Heritage of the Great War, great site with lots of photo's from WW1 some very disturbing.

Dutch/Flemish about WW1 and the upcoming commemorations of 2014-2018.

The Old Contemptibles, Great website by Pete Knight for the memory of the Great War through remembrance, research and education.

The Gallipoli Association.

Ortler Sammlerverein Erster Weltkrieg, German site about the First world war in Ortler area.

Pro Hereditate, Slovenian site about the battles on the Isonzo front.

WWI Maps & Aerial Photography Home Page, An exelent site with lots of trench maps an aerial photo's .

The soldiers burden, And exelent site wich serves as a monument to all soldiers who fought and all casualties of World War one.

First,Site with lot off info about world war one.

The Durand Group,A group a people who search for tunnels on the westernfront.

The first tank crews, A good website about the first tanks in use in WW1.

Great War the Gallery Solace, A beautiful site on various facets of the first world war.

Pommersches Pionier Bataillon Nr.2, A very good site on a German Bataillon in the first world war.

Deutsch-Französische Forschungsgruppe Verdun, German site about a German an French research group on Verdun.

Veertien Achttien, Weblog and podcast by Tom tacken .

First world war centenary, Website from the Imperial War Museums.

Le Poilu, First world war museum in Alkmaar, Holland.

Stahlgewitter, Das Archiv zum 1. Weltkrieg. A very good site in German with lots of photo's and more.

Das Deutsche Reich under der 1.Weltkrieg, German website about the German army in world war one.

Flieger Album, German website with lots of photo's from a airman in world war one.

Pour le Mérite, private page on the history of the order in his two classes.

Trento Grande guerra, Italian site about the first world war in Trention region.

Brennende Sudfront, Gebirgskrieg 1915 -1918, Website about the war between Austria and Italy.

The Wilfred Owen Association.

Great War Photos, a new Blog/Website by Paul Reed.

Peter Doyle: Tommy's War, Blog by Peter Doyle.

Grensland,slagveldstudies 14-18, Very good Dutch site wich is dedicated to the study of the history of the First World War.

Naval Operations in the Dardanelles 1915, A very good site about the Naval Operations in the Dardanelles.

A Guide to WW1 Battlefields and History of the First World War.

ANZAC's online, a website with lots of stories on Australian soldiers in world war one.

Delville Wood, official website of Delville Wood and about the battles in that wood.

Great War Society Roll of Honor, Website which honoring relatives who served in the Great War.

Flieger und Luftschiffer, German website about airplanes and airships in WW1.

World War 1 Propaganda Posters.

Great War Journeys.

Gebirgskrieg an der Dolomitenfront im 1. Weltkrieg, German and Italian website about the Mountain warfare on the Dolomite front in the 1st World War.

Das online gedenkbuch, German website about alle German casualties off all wars world wide.

AIF Online Museum, An online collection of artifacts from the Australian Imperial Force, 1914-1919.

Grensland-Docs, A very compleet site with lots of documents about the westernfront.

Lest We Forget, Website with lots of personal stories of Australian soldiers in WW1., Belgian website about Bayonets.

Some WW1 photographs, Weblog with lots of photo,s from the first world war.

Chris Morton's webpage, Weblog about Chirs his grandfather in the first world war.